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We are committed to sustaining healthy and vital Prince William County (PWC) communities now and into the future. By helping to improve the quality of life in our community, we are promoting community solutions through research and actions that will advance the common good. The Foundation’s objective is to help build strong communities where we promote social, environmental, and economic health through various initiatives for the residents of Prince William County.

C.H.O.W. Wagon

Eradicating Hunger in our Community

One in six children go hungry everyday in the United States. In Prince William County alone, 14,000 children in our community go hungry during the summer months while not in school. The C.H.O.W. Wagon Initiative offers multi-layered support to County residents most in need of resources to combat food insecurity and hunger. A child’s ability to realize their future potential is often dependent on the resources they have today. Children exposed to food insecurity are of particular concern to PWCCF and our C.H.O.W. Wagon Initiative given the implications scarce food resources pose to a child’s health and development.

Children who are food insecure are more likely to be hospitalized and may be at higher risk for developing chronic diseases such as obesity as a result of lower quality diet, anemia, and asthma. In addition, food-insecure children may also be at higher risk for behavioral and social issues including fighting, hyperactivity, and anxiety, and bullying. To help these economically disadvantaged children, PWCCF transports meals to neighborhood children in need to help combat the food insecurity that exists in our community.


Providing Opportunities for Students

Scholarships provide an opportunity for many people to earn an education. Without assistance from outside sources, students may have trouble paying for an education after high school in order to enter the workforce and become contributing members of society.

The Prince William County Community Foundation provides scholarships to high school seniors attending a Prince William County Public School that demonstrate a passion for serving their local community and have a financial need to pursue post-high school course of study at either college/university or other post-secondary educational institutions.

Micro Grants

Supporting Educators During Virtual Learning

The Micro-Grants for Educators are small, one-time-only, cash awards given to Educators for short-term educational projects. The micro-grants are awarded on a competitive basis to educators whose proposal(s) best meet the guidelines, and are most deserving of the limited mini-grant money available. The Micro-Grant for Educators program is open to educators in Prince William County, Manassas City, and Manassas Park.

Health Initiative

Supporting A Healthy Community

The Prince William County Community Foundation’s Health Initiative is working to collectively help improve the health and well-being of the residents in Prince William County. In collaboration with other community entities, the Foundation will provide information and share resources with other healthcare establishments to develop a plan that would collectively improve and promote strategies to improve the health of the residents.

The three categories of public health needs identified in Prince William County were:

· Substance Use/Abuse and Mental Health Conditions

· Obesity, Access to Healthy Foods, and Physical Activity

· Access to Healthcare (included dental care)

The Foundation will work together with community partners/leaders to better understand community health problems, prioritize health issues, help leaders to make inform decisions, and develop, implement, and evaluate a collective community health improvement effort.


About Prince William County Gives!

PWC Gives! is a fundraising initiative sponsored annually by the award-winning Prince William County Community Foundation every September.

PWC Gives! is a county-wide, 24-hour online fundraising event designed to promote charitable giving in and throughout Prince William County, Virginia. The goal of the event is to bring the county's nonprofit organizations together in a day of unified fundraising to bring resources to our organizations. Nonprofits will use the funds they raise through PWC Gives! to increase the impact they are making in our community.

PWC Gives! is an innovative way to boost local nonprofit's fundraising efforts. It provides eligible nonprofits opportunities to connect with existing supporters and to attract new donors through an easy-to-use online giving platform. PWC Gives! maximizes the ease of online giving and provides widespread visibility that only a county-wide effort of this type can generate.

With nationwide interest in online giving growing, PWC Gives! allows the county's nonprofits to participate in a secure, streamlined process that helps take their fundraising efforts to the next level. Sign up today and take advantage of this rewarding opportunity!

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